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~ A Collection of Poetry & Ponderings for the Curiously Wondrous Soul ~

by montoya miller

A potent hit of inspiration with a sprinkling of magic to stoke your own creative fire.


Becoming is a digital collection of 20 poems and curious ponderings that shine light on topics we all face during this human experience. 


Creative reclamation, experiencing the inevitable mythic death before rebirth, resting in the unknown void, remembering one's own personal power, grappling with the dualistic nature of life, are just a few of these.

get a sneak peek...

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Golden Bloom

My darling, why on earth would you compete against the greatest moon when you were born to become the brightest sun?

~ montoya miller

Soul Artist

Take the magic from deep within your heart and soul and be brave enough to splash it onto the canvas of your life for all to see.

~ montoya miller



was created in honor of my lifelong devotion:


To live a creative life and support others in doing the same to the best of my ability. To make my life living art and prayer. To sink my teeth fully into the rich deliciousness and beauty of each moment. To live in dedication to creative reclamation, soul expression, and life artistry.


And perhaps inspire others along the way.

About The Creator

~ montoya miller ~

My devotion to this life is to prioritize creative reclamation and fulfillment while supporting others to do the same in their own way. There is no one path. How boring would that be? My philosophy is that we're all creative and each have a unique flavor that's meant to be shared.


But stepping into your creative power can feel scary, foreign, or completely impossible because, well, our society doesn't exactly value creativity, expression, and messy, ugly, downright awful art. But that's where your magic is hiding. In the depths of that godawful painting or that painstakingly horrendous poem. Only when you let your guard down with yourself and allow your inner child to play will you be able to tap back into your creative fire. And from that space, well anything is possible baby.


I'm an artist, writer, podcaster, hypnotherapist, a maker, a rebel, a pattern disruptor, an explorer, and a goof. And I also have to consistently remind myself not to take life too seriously. I like to shake shit up and turn life upside down just to see what will happen. I'm undeniably and endlessly curious. It's more fun that way. Above everything, my spiritual evolution, creative fulfillment, and relationships are what matter most to me.

Labels and titles aside, I make stuff. I have to. WE, as human beings, have to. It's encoded in our DNA and etched into our bones:


We Are Makers. We Are Creators. We Are Master Manifestors. Divine Designers of Epic Proportions.


Through my writing, podcast, and anything else I create, I hope to inspire you and help you unlock your inner soul artistry so you can live a truly fulfilling creative life.

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