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~ High-vibe body oils created with intention + moon magic ~

Make life a divine ritual...


handcrafted + natural

Each bottle is handmade by Montoya in San Diego, CA. The natural, pure ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure optimal richness, sacred ritual, and soul + body nourishment. Every ingredient is listed on the label for 100% transparency. 


female-owned + operated

Bodhi Rituals is a small business birthed and operated by Montoya Miller. As a female-owned business, Bodhi Rituals is devoted to creating products that are good for you and the planet. It is our mission to position sustainability, integrity, and the greater good at the forefront of everything we do.

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infused with intention + moon magick

Everything is energy. It deeply matters what kinds of energy you consume, consciously and unconsciously. This is why each product is infused with loving intention and charged with potent moon magick.


Bodhi Rituals was created by Montoya Miller with the desire to live more intentionally, more beautifully.

An artist at heart, Montoya believes it is up to us to cultivate beauty, meaning, and purpose in our lives. By taking intentional moments to pause from our busy, day-to-day routines, we can begin to design our lives as one divine ritual of expression and sensual experience. It is our hope at Bodhi Rituals that our products invite you to carve out space for yourself and inspire you to enter into sacred ritual throughout your day.


Female-owned small business.

Every bottle is infused with loving intention and charged under the moon.

All natural, pure ingredients.

Just for you.


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Montoya is a writer, artist, creator, and healer. With a background in yoga, Divine Feminine wisdom, and many other spiritual teachings, her mission is to guide others through their healing process and remind them of their own innate power.

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