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San Diego, CA

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Pop-up experiences for the spiritual, the creative, and the curious.

come discover, expand, and connect.
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What is Haven?

Haven is dedicated to creating unique pop-up experiences and events throughout San Diego for anyone and everyone who is interested in wellness, spirituality, yoga, mindfulness, and more.

The events and experiences hosted by Haven are open to everyone regardless of whether you are currently on a spiritual path or are simply curious to learn more in a safe, inclusive environment. The spiritual lessons, healing modalities, and mindfulness tools I've experienced and accumulated over the years have transformed my life in ways that words will never do justice and I strongly believe no one should be excluded from this experience and information.

If you have been seeking a heart-centered community as well as experiences that will ignite your spirit, power your creativity, and deepen your awareness of Self and your connection to others then Haven is for you.

Come discover, expand, and connect.


Montoya Miller 

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Have a space we could use or a service to offer?

Outdoor Yoga


To make wellness and spirituality accessible to anyone and everyone with a desire to grow and expand through events and experiences.



To bring together a community of lightworkers, healers, creatives, and anyone with a passion for spiritual evolution and social good to amplify our impact on the planet and grow together.

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  ore Values

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Immutable Laws

Here to Serve. 

We always do our best to lead from a place of service and gratitude.

All of You is Safe Here.

You are fully welcome, safe, seen, heard, and loved while you are here and missed when you are not. Come as you are and know that you will be in a safe environment where you will be celebrated just as you are.

Check Judgement at the Door.

We encourage everyone (along with ourselves) to leave their judgement at the door and enter our events and experiences with an open heart and mind. There is no wrong or right way to explore spirituality and wellness and every perspective is valid in its own way.

Honor and Respect Self and Others.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Be kind and lead with compassion. If something doesn't feel right for you, you don't have to engage. Trust yourself and your discernment and respect that others are doing the same.

Your Presence Really, Really Matters.

It truly does. Without you these events would not be possible. Your presence and energy is valuable and we appreciate every moment you share with us.

We would love to hear your feedback and requests for future events/experiences.

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