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Uncover The Mysteries of Your Soul Through

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

Ancient wisdom lies within your subconscious mind...

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression (PLR) are therapeutic modalities that complement each other beautifully. They allow the client and therapist to work together in a safe, relaxed environment in order to process and heal trauma, shatter disempowering patterns, clear karma, resolve impractical fears, rewire the mind for success, and so much more by accessing the subconscious mind.


The subconscious dictates 95% of your behavior. It is the seat of your belief systems, thought patterns, emotions, memories, and experiences. Accessing your subconscious mind is like tapping into your own personal library of the past - everything you've ever experienced in this life and past lives is stored here. So you can imagine how powerful it is to gain insight and wisdom unique to your soul. Learn more by booking a free 1:1 consultation to learn if hypnotherapy or PLR is the next step for you.

What are Hypnotherapy & PLR helpful for?

- Reprogram disempowering belief systems to build confidence, self-trust, and acceptance - Resolve childhood trauma - Improve issues around money, relationships, career, self-esteem - Reconnect with your inner child to bring play, creativity, curiosity, and magic back into your life - Retrieve soul fragments that have been abandoned and integrate into the present adult version of you to create wholeness within the Self - Explore current relationships to understand past life connections + gain insight into what the connection is here to teach you, clear karmic ties, deepen connection, understand the role of the relationship in the past vs. now - Gain wisdom from your past to inform a richer, more intentional, and grounded present and future - Understand why you feel connected to certain places, people, time periods, art, etc. - Uncover a deeper sense of Self and understanding of your soul’s essence - Unlock important information about your purpose and life mission as well as understand your soul’s evolution - Resolve chronic issues and unexplained health problems - Remember and clear unresolved emotions, beliefs, and blocks from past lives that may be standing in the way of you receiving what you desire in this life - Receive and integrate important lessons from your past to accelerate your soul’s growth - Dive into regrets, failures, and mistakes from childhood and past lives so you don’t repeat old cycles and can clear karma to move forward feeling empowered and grounded in yourself


Montoya is a hypnotherapist trained in subconscious rewiring and past life regression. She is also an artist, writer, and witchy woman. Connect here.


Q. What is a past life? A. Past lives are directly linked to the belief in reincarnation. Many cultures and religions believe that each soul is on a unique journey of learning and evolution that takes place over many different lifetimes. You can think of the earth as a school in which we are constantly overcoming obstacles, growing, and expanding. With each life we are meant to learn certain lessons and through the way we live we either clear karma or create more karma that we carry with us into our next life. Most people have had many lives all playing different roles in order to experience the full spectrum of what it means to be human and hopefully develop compassion and empathy. For example, in one lifetime you may have been a man who works as a farmer and in your next lifetime, you may have been a female acrobat in a circus. It is also believed that we tend to reincarnate with the same souls that we have chosen to grow and learn with - our soul families. However, just as you play a different character in each lifetime, your soul family will play different roles as well. For example, your mother in this lifetime was most likely not your mother in previous lifetimes, but perhaps a sibling, spouse, friend, colleague, etc. PLR allows us to access the subconscious mind. This is where every memory and experience you've ever had (in this life and previous lifetimes) is stored. This is your own personal Akashic record.

Q: Will I lose control over myself during a session? A: No, you have full control and complete awareness at all times. During PLR the conscious mind is awake and aware while access to the subconscious mind is possible. It feels like a guided meditation and we will make sure you're completely relaxed and comfortable before beginning the regression.

Q. How many past lives will I visit in a session? A. Typically clients spend time in 2-3 lives per session, however, everyone is different and every session is unique. Your subconscious mind will show you the exact lives you need to work with and it will be up to you how much time you'd like to spend in each.

Q. What if I don't experience any past lives? A. If you are open to the concept of past lives and approach each session with an open mind then it's highly unlikely you won't experience any past lives. However, if you are someone who does not believe in past lives and approaches this work with a "prove it to me" attitude, that will act as a block that prevents you from accessing your subconscious mind. An open mind is key.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for my session? A. In order to prepare for your session make sure you have a reliable internet connection as all my sessions are conducted via Zoom. Please also make sure you have access to a quiet space where you will be undisturbed for 2 hours.

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