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Do You Feel Stuck Often?

Understand what's really going on behind that sneaky feeling and how to move through it with ease.

Do you find yourself feeling stuck often?

What if I told you that feeling stuck is actually a story you’re telling yourself? A program you have running on autopilot?

Does that trigger you?

If so, this is for you...


Stuck isn’t an emotion, yet we often use it as a “band-aid label” to cover up how we are actually feeling at the root + what’s really going on with us.

Feeling stuck, like you aren’t moving forward, is VERY real. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there.

However, when we keep telling ourselves we feel stuck and focus on this story, it becomes more and more real for us until we feel paralyzed.

While getting to the root cause might take some time and dedication to doing the inner work, there is a simple process you can start right now to help shift feeling “stuck”.

Recognize + Acknowledge Your Need to Make a Decision

Do you have a big decision to make, but you just can’t seem to get to the "right" answer? It’s not always the decision itself that stresses us out. Sometimes, it’s the pressure we put on ourselves to decide right this second, when it doesn’t feel right.

Making a rushed decision simply because your logical brain tells you that you HAVE to never feels good. You might be too foggy and unclear to make an intuitive decision in this moment and that’s okay.

Simply recognize your need to make a decision and identify your story around this need. Does it feel expansive or constrictive? If it feels constrictive, how can you shift the story so that it feels more expansive?

Choose to Decide in This Moment

While you may not have an answer to your looming question/decision, you can still choose to decide SOMETHING right now.

This step is POWERFUL because as mentioned in #1, our brains WANT to make a decision to feel satisfied.

So as an example, let’s say you’ve been trying to decide whether to leave your current job or not. You’ve been going back and worth weighing your options, but you just can't seem to decide what to do.

You see, this is where we forget something very important.

We are actually making decisions in EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.

Think about it. If you aren't deciding to leave your job in this moment, then you are deciding to stay by default. But that is STILL a decision.

The reason it feels so bad, unsettling, and is giving you anxiety is because you aren't making an empowered decision.

If leaving your job in this moment feels too big and too rushed, you can STILL make a decision. You can CONSCIOUSLY DECIDE that in this moment you will remain in your job and be the best employee you’ve ever been. You can consciously decide to give it all you've got until you know for certain that it is undeniably time to leave.

We are ALWAYS making decisions.

The difference is that when we become aware of our decisions and consciously claim them, they feel empowering instead of disempowering.

Remember that this decision you just made CAN and WILL change in every moment. There is no rigidity in your decisions, only flexibility and flow. So maybe one moment from this decision you will be ready to leave your job or maybe 10,000 moments from now you’ll be ready.

The point is that in every moment you feel like you are consciously making a choice.

Deciding SOMETHING also eliminates the constant energy leak that comes from obsessive overthinking, worrying, questioning yourself, and stressing as you try to figure out what to do next.

Be present with what you are choosing in this moment.

STAY Present + TRUST

If you hear someone say “be present” and roll your eyes, you haven’t learned the immense value of living in the present moment yet.

Feeling “stuck” often shows up when we feel like we should be somewhere that we haven’t reached yet. In other words, we aren’t being present with where we actually are, but are instead focusing on what could be.

While you may be feeling unsure of everything right now, make it a priority to stay out of the past and future and instead fully submerge yourself into the present and all that is happening NOW. This is where aligned opportunities, signs, people, and ideas will show up, but if you aren’t present you will completely miss them.

When something is aligned, there is no trying. It happens effortlessly. It flows. There is no forcing, rushing, overthinking. You just FEEL that it is right.

And while you’re being present, TRUST that all will be revealed in perfect, Divine timing.

In other words, stop trying so damn hard and stop feeling like you have to get somewhere.

Now is all that is real. Now is all that matters.

How are you being NOW? How are you choosing to feel NOW?

Surrender, stay present, and trust.



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