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Enter the Sacred Circle & Reclaim Your Magick

Your wild woman is calling...
Your inner witch is urging you to listen...
Your seductress is longing to be seen...
Your warrioress is raging within... 


Are you willing to uncover parts of yourself you've long forgotten?

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Guided & Facilitated by Montoya Miller, Divine Feminine Coach

Montoya has a background in spirituality, yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, embodiment, magick and ritual work, and Divine Feminine energetics. She is honored to welcome you into this 3-month circle where you will experience deep transformation and reclamation of your truest feminine essence.   


Is Wild Moon Alchemy Calling You?

Wild Moon Alchemy is a group experience in which you will unlearn the conditioning and programming that has been masking your true nature and relearn who your soul came here to be.

You will immerse yourself in Divine Feminine studies with an intimate group of other women and will discover how your authentic feminine essence wants to be felt, seen, heard, and expressed. 

During this time together we will enter into sacred ritual and create magick in our circle gatherings in order to release what isn't serving your unfolding and call in your highest vision.

We will not only be learning about the Divine Feminine, but will focus on embodying this energy in your every day life.

All of the magick, without any of the fluff.

This is an experience for the woman who has felt the call - she knows there is more, she knows SHE is more. She is ready for a transformation at a cellular level and desires to be surrounded in a safe space with other women who share her intentions and dedication to personal evolution.

Uncover your magick, reclaim your power, heal your connection with your body and the Earth, and explore the 8 archetypes of the Divine Feminine.

Do you want to...

  • Participate in weekly calls filled with learning, sharing, energetic upgrades, embodiment practices and more?

  • Have access to a group of powerful soul sisters who share the same intentions?

  • Be part of the opportunity to help pioneer and shape Wild Moon Alchemy's curriculum for women who walk this path after you?

  • Work with the phases of the moon + have group rituals held during the new and full moon phases? (5 moon rituals total)

  • Dive into the light and shadow sides of the 8 feminine archetypes to discover how you have been embodying them unconsciously and how you can begin to consciously work with them to heal your feminine energy + create harmony in your body physically and energetically?

  • Understand and work with common wounding in relation to the feminine including the witch wound, the sister wound, and the inner child wound?​​

  • Learn how to work with the seasons of the Earth and the cycles of your own body? (A very underrated superpower!)

  • Master Divine Feminine concepts including intuition, sovereignty, pleasure, play, receptivity, and creativity?

  • Uncover societal conditioning and programming used to keep women out of their power and release/reframe beliefs that are keeping these old paradigms alive for you?

As well as...

  • Learn embodiment practices to move through and transmute emotions and energy?

  • Explore magickal circles and magickal living?

  • Begin making everyday life a sacred ritual?


Plus so much more!


Click The Button Below to Fill Out The Application & We Will Contact You About Next Steps

Please keep in mind that we only accept 5-6 women each round of Wild Moon Alchemy in order to keep things intimate. If you feel the pull, don't wait.

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